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Image of Vishay's 600 V E Series MOSFETs

600 V E 系列 MOSFET

Vishay 的 600 V E 系列 MOSFET 采用 PowerPAK® 8 mm x 8 mm 封装,并通过 Kelvin 连接降低栅极驱动电感。

Image of Vishay's T55 Polymer Capacitors

T55 系列片式聚合物钽电容器

Vishay 的 T55 系列聚合物钽片式电容器包括 D 和 V 型外壳尺寸的多种器件,它们均符合 RoHS 规范,且不含卤素。

Image of Vishay's WSLP Power Metal Strip Resistors

WSLP 大功率金属条电流检测电阻器

Vishay Dale 推出具有较高功率(高达 3 W)、低阻值(低至 0.0005 Ω)、表面贴装式 WSLP 大功率金属条电阻器。



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近期 PTM

5 minutes
RCS Anti-Surge High Power Thick Film Chip Resistors
This tutorial will provide an overview of the RCS thick film chip resistor series.
10 minutes
An Innovative Approach to NTC/PTC Thermistors and RTD Electronic Simulation (Part I)
Vishay NTC simulation models are the ideal companion of any engineer designing a circuit board for temperature control with most EDAs.
5 minutes
PR02-FS High Pulse, Fusible, Non-Inductive, Flameproof Metal Film Resistor
Vishay's PR02-FS series is ideal to be used as a dual function component, offering high pulse and safety fusible features.
5 minutes
RCV High-Voltage Thick Film Chip Resistors
This module will present an overview of the RCV products. The key functional performance parameters of the RCV series will be discussed as well as construction and features. A selection of potential applications from typical market segments will be presented.
5 minutes
TNPW0201 Thin Film Chip Resistors
This presentation will discussed basic electric parameters, features, construction, applications and benefits of the TNPW0201 thin film chip resistor.
5 minutes
Power Metal Strip Pulse Storyboard
This presentation will explain the pulse performance advantage of Power Metal Strip as compared to other current sense technologies.

关于 Vishay

Vishay 的产品组合是一个具有无与伦比的分立半导体(二极管、MOSFET 和光电元件)和无源元件(电阻器、电感器和电容器)的集合。这些组件几乎适用于工业、计算、汽车、消费、电信、军事、航空航天和医疗市场中所有类型的工业电子器件和设备。Vishay 很荣幸地成为 Digi-Key 的主要合作伙伴。