TMC2130 Premium Integrated Stepper Motor Driver

TMC2130 Stepper Motor Driver with Stealthchop

TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH

The TMC2130 is a premium integrated stepper motor driver and controller, which offers a comprehensive feature set. Once configured the motor can be driven by just giving Step and Dir signals. This presentation discusses the steps necessary for getting started with a TMC2130 stepper motor design; including an example of a minimum external circuitry required design, dimensioning, BOM, layout examples, and design hints.

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IC MTR DRV BIPOLAR 5.5-46V 36QFNTMC2130-LA-TIC MTR DRV BIPOLAR 5.5-46V 36QFN剪切带(CT)表面贴装型1259 - 立即发货查看详情

Evaluation Boards

EVAL KIT FOR TMC2130TMC2130-EVAL-KITEVAL KIT FOR TMC2130电机控制器/驱动器,步进是,MCU,32 位14 - 立即发货查看详情
EVAL BOARD FOR TMC2130TMC2130-EVALEVAL BOARD FOR TMC2130电机控制器/驱动器,步进9 - 立即发货查看详情
PTM Published on: 2015-11-17