Valentine’s Day is Coming Up, Make Your Own Bling

Looking for a silly gift for a friend, or just a fun project to do with your kiddo? This project combines 3D printing with simple circuitry to create one dramatic, beautiful, and humorous piece of flashy jewelry.

Don’t have a 3D printer? There are plenty of online resources that can do that for you. Don’t know much about electronics? You don’t need to. This project is listed on Maker.io with full Bill of Materials and instructions to complete the project.

With just a little assembly and a bit of soldering, your bling will be ready in no time!

See project here on Maker.io: https://www.digikey.com/en/maker/projects/026d4a0eeb004b5d9203cf68f0ed1c04


Image of Ashley Awalt

Ashley Awalt 是一名应用工程技术人员,自 2011 年以来一直在 Digi-Key Electronics 工作。她通过 Digi-Key 奖学金计划获得了北国社区技术学院电子技术和自动化系的应用科学副学士学位。其目前的职责是协助创建独特的技术项目,记录流程并最终参与项目视频媒体报道的制作。在业余时间,Ashley 喜欢——哦哦,等等,当要照顾孩子的时候,还有空闲时间吗?

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