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Digi-Key has been a leader in the electronics industry for years. The primary goal for our blog, called TheCircuit, is to provide relevant and timely information that demonstrates our deep technical expertise, industry thought-leadership and entertaining educational posts.

Something for Everyone

What can you expect on TheCircuit? Well, you’ll hear from Randall Restle, our VP of Applications Engineering, about innovative and exciting new products that are changing the technology landscape. Randall will provide his insight into what’s changing the playing field for engineers (and aspiring engineers) of all levels in posts and videos. We’ll have “How-to” information and other inspirational posts for engineers and makers. For purchasers, our supply chain subject matter experts and purchasing specialists will talk about how to make your job just a bit easier. We’ll have something for everyone including Professional Engineers, Makers, Students and Purchasers. Digi-Key wants to share our experience and tools to help fuel your innovation.    

A Peek Inside Digi-Key

I’ve always been asked “How do you do it?” Being based in rural, northwest Minnesota definitely paints a unique backdrop for our culture. We’ll have contributors to the blog talking about our communities, our corporate social responsibility initiatives and occasionally our employee events. We’ll also give you an idea of our northern Minnesota climate with updates from the weather station (built by our own engineers) on the roof of our facility in Thief River Falls. We’re going to spend time improving that station this summer so our customers can not only see how cold winter gets (is 25 below zero really that cold?), but also how beautiful it is during summer (June is absolutely beautiful!). We’re going to make a project out of this and blog about the process and progress we make improving the weather station. Finally, you can expect to hear from me and others on the Digi-Key executive team on topics relating to our industry and the business climate.

Ensuring Value for Readers

We realize that the success of our blog is completely dependent on the value of the content that we provide. We welcome your comments and suggestions to help us deliver the content you want to read about regarding electronics, technology and distribution. Remember to visit frequently to catch the newest posts on TheCircuit!

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Image of Dave Doherty, President and COO at Digi-Key Electronics

Dave Doherty,Digi-Key Electronics 总裁兼首席运营官,在半导体制造和电子分销行业励精图治 30 载,加入 Digi-Key 已有 10 年。其丰富的行业经验和知识奠定了其深刻的行业洞察力和创新意识,也确立了其在 Digi-Key 和电子行业的领导权威。Dave 拥有伍斯特理工学院的电子工程学士学位、巴布森学院 MBA 学位,并担任电子元件行业协会教育基金会董事会主席以及执行会议主席。

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