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PROtop Power Supplies

Weidmuller's PROtop power supply combines the highest efficiency and compact housings with high durability and direct parallel connection without diode modules.


Weidmuller CTX CM 1.6 Crimping Tool
Weidmuller CTN 25 D4 and HTN 21 AN Crimping Tools
Weidmuller CTI 6 Crimping Tool
Weidmuller HTF RSV 16 Crimping Tool

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BLF Push-In Connector Technology
Offers significant cost savings by reducing wiring time, but remains a reliable, high performance connection. Weidmüller offers solutions for any application.
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PCB Connection Technology
See the strengths and weaknesses of different connection technologies offered by Weidmuller helps engineers choose solutions best fitted for an application.

关于 Weidmuller

Weidmüller Group 的产品用于元器件、机器和装置的电源和信号的连接和联网。55555555557我们的解决方案广泛应用于楼宇自动化、过程自动化及工业领域。我们提供全面的新式端子块,以及各种印刷电路板端子和连接器,包括电子接口元器件和模块。此外,我们还提供多种优质手动和电动工具,以及种类齐全的外壳和标记产品。