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Sullins Connector Solutions

近期 PTM

5 minutes
1mm Header Series
The SMH and SFM series are available in single and dual row 2-50 pins per row options.
5 minutes
Box Header Line
This tutorial will provide an overview of the Box Header product line.
10 minutes
Hi-Temp Connectors
Hi-Temp card edge connectors and headers are developed to satisfy needs in high temperature applications.
5 minutes
IDC Header Line
SFH series IDC sockets and SIP series IDC dip plugs are designed to provide high-density, low-power board-to-cable interconnections.
5 minutes
PCI Express Connectors
Designed to provide a high speed expansion card interface to replace the older PCI and AGP connectors.

关于 Sullins Connector Solutions

Sullins Connector Solutions 创立于 1971 年,总部设在加利福尼亚的 San Marcos 市,是高品质边缘卡和针座设计、工程和制造的全球领导者。

Sullins Connector Solutions 提供业内选择最广泛的 UL/CUL 认证型边缘卡产品,此外还提供产品开发服务加工程支持。Sullins Connector Solutions 是全球领先的工业、商业、军事和消费电子产品制造商,其边缘卡、针座、双层、高密度和耐高温连接器被广泛指定用于任务关键型应用。Sullins Connector Solutions 的连接器和互连系统通过由销售代表和分销商组成的全球销售网络供应。