EVALMASTERGAN1: Half-Bridge Driver with 650V GaN HEMT Transistors


The EVALMASTERGAN1 is an advanced power system-in-package integrating a gate driver and two enhancement mode GaN transistors in half‑bridge configuration. The integrated power GaNs have RDS(ON) of 150 mΩ and 650 V drain‑source breakdown voltage, while the high side of the embedded gate driver can be easily supplied by the integrated bootstrap diode.

The EVALMASTERGAN1 provides an on-board programmable inputs deadtime generator with a single VCC supply (typ. 6 V). An embedded linear voltage regulator offers 3.3 V rail to supply low voltage logic circuit like microcontrollers or FPGA. Some spare footprints are also included to customize the board to operate with final application. These customizations include: use of separate input signal or single PWM signal, use of external bootstrap diode, separate supply for VCC, PVCC or Vbo and also the use of low side shunt resistor for peak current mode topologies.

The EVALMASTERGAN1 is 56 x 70 mm wide, FR-4 PCB resulting in an Rth(J-A) of 35°C/W, without forced airflow.

All pins of MASTERGAN1 are accessible.


Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Category Power Management
Sub-Category Power Output Stages (H-Bridge, Half Bridge)
Eval Board Part Number 497-EVALMASTERGAN1-ND
Eval Board Supplier STMicroelectronics
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Configuration 1 Half H-Bridge
Voltage Out Range 0 ~ 650 V
Current Out 10 A
Interface PWM, Dual
PWM, Single
Features Internal Bootstrap Circuit
Programmable Deadtime Generator
Under Voltage Protection (UVP)
Switching Frequency (Max) 500 kHz
Component Count + Extras 47 + 24
Design Author STMicroelectronics
Main I.C. Base Part MASTERGAN1
Date Created By Author 2020-08
Date Added To Library 2020-10

Eval Board

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