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Vishay / Semiconductor - Opto Division

Image of Vishay's PCB Design Tools for Optocouplers

光耦合器的 PCB 设计工具

在一个地方就能找到封装、原理图符号、3D 模型和 SPICE 模型。

Image of Vishay Semi Opto's SensorXplorer

SensorXplorer™ 传感器板

Vishay 的 SensorXplorer™ 入门套件能够让设计人员测试 Vishay 的环境光、接近、UVA 光和 RGBW 色彩传感器解决方案。



SensorXplorer™ software module for testing light-to-digital optical sensors
VOR Solid-State Relays
VEMD8080 PIN Photodiode for Wearable Applications
TCUT1630X01 Transmissive Optical Sensor

近期 PTM

5 minutes
VORx Hybrid Solid State Relays (SSRs)
Vishay's VOR112x hybrid solid state relay allows fast switching times with a wide operating ambient temperature range.
5 minutes
Light to Digital Proximity Sensors
Introduction to the features and applications for the VCNL36687S proximity sensor.
7 minutes
VCNL4035X01 Digital Gesture Sensor
The VCNL4035X01 can be programmed via I2C, allowing the user to set upper and lower thresholds, duty cycle, and integration time
5 minutes
VEML6030 Ambient Light Sensor
This training module will give an overview of the VEML6030 ambient light sensor as well as review applications which could benefit from this device.
5 minutes
VCNL4040 Proximity Ambient Light Digital Sensor
Including an infrared emitter, photodiodes, and signal processing IC, the VCNL4040 is ideal for a range of ambient light and proximity applications.
5 minutes
VEML6040 RGB Digital Sensor
VEML6040 could be used in smartphones, tablets, Notebook PCs, LCD displays, wearables, LED office and street lighting and concert or colored lighting.

关于 Vishay / Semiconductor - Opto Division

Vishay 的产品组合是一个具有无与伦比的分立半导体(二极管、MOSFET 和光电元件)和无源元件(电阻器、电感器和电容器)的集合。这些组件几乎适用于工业、计算、汽车、消费、电信、军事、航空航天和医疗市场中所有类型的工业电子器件和设备。Vishay 很荣幸地成为 Digi-Key 的主要合作伙伴。