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- Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) 是物联网、互联网基础设施、工业控制、消费和汽车市场硅、软件和系统解决方案的领先提供商。 解决电子行业最麻烦的问题,为客户在性能、节能、连接和设计简洁性方面提供了显著的优势。 Silicon Labs 拥有卓越的软件和混合信号设计专业知识,依托世界一流的工程设计团队,可让开发人员获得所需的工具和技术,迅速推进并以简捷的方式完成初始概念到最终产品过程。


用于物联网的 Silicon Labs 无线技术

Silicon Labs 提供最稳健、最可靠的无线和射频 IC、模块和软件,能够让客户专注于产品增值和加速推向市场。了解详情


Silicon Labs 的工业隔离产品图

Silicon Labs 拥有大量高效的工业隔离解决方案组合,包括数字隔离器、隔离式栅极驱动器以及隔离式 FET 驱动器。了解详情


Silicon Labs 定时解决方案图

Silicon Labs 的定时解决方案产品组合涵盖所有定时方面,具有低抖动、高性能和宽频率灵活性。了解详情

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Image of Silicon Labs Blue Gecko Banner


Silicon Labs Si86xx 数字隔离器系列图

Si86xx 数字隔离器系列
Silicon Labs Si86xx 系列是业内性能最高的、 通道数最多的单向和双向隔离器系列。了解详情

Silicon Labs 的 Si5332 6/8/12 输出任意频率时钟发生器图片

Si5332 6/8/12 - 任何输出频率时钟发生器
Silicon Labs 的 Si5332 是一款高性能、 低抖动时钟发生器,可合成高达 12 个用户可编程时钟频率。了解详情

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EFM8BB1 Evaluation Tool and Development Kit

Silicon Labs' EFM8BB1 low-cost kit with integrated debugger and USB connection is an easy to use yet powerful evaluation tool and development starting point. 了解详情

Si539x 5G 就绪抖动衰减器

Silicon Labs 的 Si539x 抖动清除器有助于为更高端口数的前向回传、回传、城域/核心网络和数据中心设计铺平道路。 了解详情

Xilinx FPGA 和 SoC 的时序解决方案

Silicon Labs 为 Xilinx FPGA 和 SoC 提供广泛的超低抖动时序产品组合,具有频率灵活性和充足的设计余量。 了解详情

隔离式栅极驱动器和高压 GaN FET 参考设计

Silicon Labs 和 Transphorm 的合作伙伴关系采用参考设计,简化了高压 GaN FET 的评估。 了解详情

Wireless Gecko Series 2 支持新一代互连产品

Silicon Labs 的 Wireless Gecko Series 2 平台优化了智能家居和工业物联网应用,具有出色的安全性和射频性能。 了解详情

Wireless Technology for the IoT

Silicon Labs offer the most robust and reliable wireless & RF ICs, modules and software allowing customers to focus on value-add and speed time to market. 了解详情

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Image of Silicon Labs Training and Tutorial

Training & Tutorials Portal

The latest, how-to information, tutorials, and training for Silicon Labs products. Learn More

Image of Silicon Labs Getting Started Resources

Getting Started Resources

Learn how to use Silicon Labs’ hardware and software. Learn More

Image of Silicon Labs Community Support

Community & Support

Discover multiple resources and forums to learn from the Silicon Labs’ community. Learn More

Image of Silicon Labs Download Simplicity

Download Simplicity Studio

Simplify IoT development with Simplicity Studio 4. Learn More

Image of Silicon Labs Custom Clock/Oscillator

Create a Custom Clock or Oscillator

Specify a custom oscillator or clock with low-jitter and high performance. Learn More

Image of Silicon Labs Clock Tree with ClockBuilder Pro

Design a Clock Tree with ClockBuilder Pro

ClockBuilder Pro simplifies clock tree design and device configuration. Learn More

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Introduction to Wireless Gecko 更新日期: 2017-06-16

Introduction to a platform for IoT solutions needing Mesh, Bluetooth, or Proprietary wireless protocols

Duration: 5 minutes
Crystal Oscillators Publish Date: 2017-05-03

Frequency-flexible crystal oscillators (XO) & voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO) for applications up to 1.4 GHz.

Duration: 10 minutes
Clock Tree Timing Solutions Product Overview Publish Date: 2017-04-27

This presentation will discuss clock tree timing products, design tools, and application solutions from Silicon Labs.

Duration: 15 minutes
Clock Buffers Publish Date: 2017-04-11

Provide flexibility, integration and performance with the Si533xx product family of clock buffers.

Duration: 9 minutes

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Silicon Labs Si539x Series Jitter Attenuators | Digi-Key Daily

Si539x any-frequency jitter attenuators from Silicon Labs feature a fully integrated reference, enhancing system reliability, and performance while simplifying PCB layout in high-speed networking designs.

Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko Series 2 Devices | Digi-Key Daily

Silicon Labs' Wireless Gecko Series 2 devices are the next evolution of Wireless Gecko devices that are designed to increase processing capability, improve RF performance, and lower active current, while providing a higher level of security.

Extending Zigbee, Thread, and Bluetooth Wireless Range with Series 2

Matt Maupin demonstrates the range of our new Wireless Gecko platform, Series 2.

Silicon Labs Bluetooth Xpress | Digi-Key Daily

Bluetooth Xpress from Silicon Labs is designed to function as a cable replacement with a serial link between the Bluetooth Xpress module and embedded MCU.