- Nexperia 是离散、逻辑和 MOSFET 器件领域的全球领导者,自 2017 年伊始独立为一家新公司。

Nexperia 专注于效率,大规模生产始终如一的可靠半导体元件:每年 850 亿件。公司广泛的产品组合达到了汽车行业设定的严格标准。产品采用行业领先的小型封装,通过自有生产设施生产,集功率、热效率与一流的质量水平优势于一体。


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Nexperia 的恢复整流器适用于汽车、工业和消费市场的高效开关和电源转换应用。 了解详情


Nexperia PTVS 产品系列中的三个产品系列为手机提供出色的瞬态过压保护。 了解详情

采用 LFPAK88 的汽车级 N 沟道 MOSFET

Nexperia 的 LFPAK88 MOSFET 可提供汽车和工业级产品。 了解详情

BAS16/21 二极管和 BC807/817 晶体管

Nexperia 的 SOT23 封装系列高性能通用晶体管和开关二极管具有特定的关键元件,可在高达 175°C 的温度下工作。 了解详情

LV-A (T) 逻辑解决方案

Nexperia 的 LV-A 和 LV-AT 标准逻辑解决方案在断电时为模块化待机应用提供低泄漏。 了解详情

带 ESD 保护的 CMF 适用于高速数据通信线路

Nexperia 推出具有静电放电保护功能的共模滤波器设计,用于 1、2 和 3 个差分线对。 了解详情

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Automotive Trench 9 MOSFETs 发布日期:2018-03-01

This presentation will give insight into the Trench 9 super-junction MOSFET technology and its benefits.

Duration: 5 minutes
AXP Translators Overview 发布日期:2016-04-26

The series features very low dynamic power dissipation and are suitable for any application that requires level translation.

Duration: 5 minutes
Medium Power Bipolar Transistors 发布日期:2016-01-26

The best options to reduce occupied PCB space while increasing the thermal performance when mounted on modern multi-layer PCBs.

Duration: 5 minutes
Dual Configurable Logic 发布日期:2015-04-14

Configurable logic allowing design flexibility, reduced inventory cost and faster qualification in customer’s applications.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Thermal Concerns of the LFPAK88 and D2Pack

Senior MOSFET Applications Engineer, Sami Ould-Ahmed, will address thermal concerns in two popular packages from Nexperia. One being the LFPAK88 and the other being the D2PAK.

Quick Learning: RC thermal simulation of power MOSFETs

RC thermal simulation of MOSFETs is an important tool for early design validation, allowing engineers to quickly check the device is suitable for the power and temperatures associated with the application.

Quick Learning: Single shot avalanche ruggedness of MOSFETs

Electronic applications have progressed significantly in recent years and have inevitably increased the demand for an intrinsically rugged power MOSFET.

Quick Learning: LFPAK33 automotive MOSFETs in powertrain applications

Join John Feaster as he talks his way through the benefits of Trench 9 LFPAK33 MOSFETs thermally demanding powertrain systems, such as DC motors and BLDC motors.