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Image of KEMET Solutions for Energy Infrastructure


ON Semiconductor 和 KEMET 提供全面的节能解决方案组合,在此能源基础设施演进中着重于可再生和清洁能源。

Image of KEMET's AE Series Resin-Coated Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators


KEMET 的 AE 系列树脂涂层多层压电致动器具有紧凑的尺寸、多种形状和广泛的应用前景。

Image of KEMET's Application Guide


KEMET 是电子元器件制造的行业领导者。此应用指南将向您详细介绍其产品的最常见应用。



Motion Sensors | Datasheet Preview
KEMET Press-Fit Capacitors These Capacitors Don’t Need Solder!
FPL Ferrite Tiles for Wireless Power Transfer

近期 PTM

5 minutes
Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
KEMET's pyroelectric infrared sensors are able to detect the natural infrared signature produced by humans without using lenses.
10 minutes
Power Supply Design
KEMET offers an extended portfolio of common mode, differential mode, and dual mode chokes, as well as input and output capacitors for power supplies.
5 minutes
Ceramic Safety Certified Capacitors
This tutorial will provide a basic overview of safety certified capacitors offered by KEMET, as well as testing requirements and general application information.
5 minutes
Flex Suppressor Sheets
Thin, flexible polymer sheets embedded with a micro-magnetic alloy designed to suppress electromagnetic and radio frequency (or EMI and RFI).
10 minutes
Advantages of Using a Varistor
An introduction to varistors and the benefits they offer, as well as a comparison between varistors and diodes.
5 minutes
AC Line Filters
Kemet's AC line filters are a subset of the EMI suppression components. Other EMI offerings include EMI cores, flex suppressor sheets, and power inductors.

关于 Kemet Corporation 基美产品代理商经销商

KEMET Corporation 是全球领先的电子元件供应商。我们为客户提供业界最广泛的电容器技术选择,我们的产品覆盖所有电介质并扩展到机电设备、电磁兼容性解决方案和超级电容器范围。我们的愿景是,成为满足客户最高标准质量、交付和服务需要的首选电子元件解决方案供应商。