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Image of EPC's Design Tips+ Webinar

EPC Design Tips+ Webinar

Easy Design Tips to Maximize Performance and Reliability in Your GaN Designs.

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EPC Motor Drive Webinar

Learn how to harness the power of eGaN® FETS and ICs for Motor Drives.



Design Tips+ Webinar
Harness the Power of eGaN® FETs and ICs for Motor Drives
New Product Discoveries Ep 308: OSEPP Electronics and EPC |Digi-Key Electronics

近期 PTM

5 minutes
eGaN® FET Reliability
Significant performance and size advantages over silicon power MOSFETs allow for improved system efficiency, reduced system costs, and reduced design size.
5 minutes
eGaN-based Eighth Brick Converter
Review of the design specifications of a 500 W 1/8th brick converter
5 minutes
eGaN Integrated GaN Power
eGaN technology offers higher power density through size reduction and speed reduction, and parasitic reduction.
15 minutes
Driving eGaN FETs with the LM5113
The advantages of EPC’s enhancement mode gallium nitride transistors and the key design challenges of implementing the new device technology.
10 minutes
Paralleling eGaN® FETs
Detailing the work done to make it as easy as possible to use eGaN FETs in power conversion applications.
5 minutes
Second Gen Lead Free eGaN® FETs Overview
The new-generation is lead free and halogen free and has improved electrical performance.

关于 EPC

EPC 是增强模式氮化镓型功率管理器件领导厂商。EPC 第一个推出增强模式硅基氮化镓 (eGaN®) FET,可替代众多应用中的功率 MOSFET,如 DC-DC 转换器、无线功率传输、包络跟踪、射频传输、功率逆变器、 遥感技术 (LiDAR) 以及 D 类音频放大器,其性能高于最好的硅功率 MOSFET 数倍。