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American Electrical, Inc.

Image of American Electrical's Thermocouple Terminal Blocks


American Electrical 的 DIN 导轨安装热电偶接线端子分为 K 型和 J 型。

Image of American Electrical's Crimp Wire Ferrules


American Electrical 的压接金属箍有三种颜色代码。用于端接多股电线,与欧式接线端子一起使用。

Image of American Electrical's Junction/Hook-Up Boxes


American Electric 的接线盒/电子线接线盒、配件是小型电气或电子应用中用来牢固连接导线的简易解决方案。


CS60 Electric Wire Stripper
Pneumatic Ferrule Crimpers
Din Rail Mounted Fuse Holders
Din Rail Options

近期 PTM

5 minutes
Thermocouple Terminal Blocks
The two different types of thermocouple terminal blocks - J and K - and advantages for using thermocouple blocks.
5 minutes
Cable Grip Overview
Cable grips are easily utilized and provide IP68 protection from debris and water - the highest IP rating available
5 minutes
DIN Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers
Offering 4 types of DIN rail mounted circuit breakers with 3 of them, the 2 AC versions and the DC version being one of the thinnest in the industry at 13 mm.
5 minutes
Junction Box/Hook-Up Enclosure
The kit is provided pre-assembled with no need to procure and assemble all the parts making it a fast and easy way to make electrical connections.
5 minutes
Wire Ferrules Overview
Wire ferrules provide more secure connections, increased conductivity in circuit connections, decreased resistivity, and improved connection integrity.

关于 American Electrical, Inc.

American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) 销售控制器外壳内部及周边工业电气元件。American Electrical 专注于控制电路的连接、电源和保护。American Electrical, Inc. 的大多数产品线源自 DIN 导轨应用。

许多产品通过简单地搭扣在 DIN 导轨上来消除电缆进入控制器外壳内时受到的应力,这些产品包括端子块、保险丝座、断路器、接口模块、隔离开关和导线扣箍(带有用于压接的相关工具)以及电缆网套。利用 DIN 导轨系统,最终用户可以快速安装导轨,轻松地将控制元件搭扣在导轨上,这样会节省空间、时间和费用——所有的有价值资产。利用 DIN 导轨现已成为控制产品行业的标配。American Electrical, Inc. 很荣幸地通过 Digi-Key 销售产品。