discrete semiconductor

Automotive Grade Transistors and Discretes


The purpose of this presentation is to provide a better understanding of what automotive-grade means. There will be a discussion of the real value of an automotive grade part, and what documentation ST can deliver to the customer.
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图片制造商零件编号描述功率 - 峰值脉冲_1733可供货数量
TVS DIODE 24V 43V SOT23-3ESDA25LYTVS DIODE 24V 43V SOT23-3300W2653 - 立即发货查看详情
TVS DIODE 15.3V 32.5V SMCSM15T18CAYTVS DIODE 15.3V 32.5V SMC1500W(1.5kW)59 - 立即发货查看详情
TVS DIODE 20.5V 42.8V SMCSM15T24AYTVS DIODE 20.5V 42.8V SMC1500W(1.5kW)2500 - 立即发货查看详情
TVS DIODE 25.6V 53.5V SMCSM15T30AYTVS DIODE 25.6V 53.5V SMC1500W(1.5kW)1495 - 立即发货查看详情
TVS DIODE 28.2V 59V SMCSM15T33CAYTVS DIODE 28.2V 59V SMC1500W(1.5kW)1015 - 立即发货查看详情
TVS DIODE 33.3V 69.7V SMCSM15T39CAYTVS DIODE 33.3V 69.7V SMC1500W(1.5kW)3034 - 立即发货查看详情
TVS DIODE 58.1V 121V SMCSM15T68AYTVS DIODE 58.1V 121V SMC1500W(1.5kW)19897 - 立即发货查看详情
TVS DIODE 23.1V 48.3V SMBSM6T27AYTVS DIODE 23.1V 48.3V SMB600W1007 - 立即发货查看详情
TVS DIODE 23.1V 48.3V SMBSM6T27CAYTVS DIODE 23.1V 48.3V SMB600W465 - 立即发货查看详情
TVS DIODE 25.6V 53.5V SMBSM6T30AYTVS DIODE 25.6V 53.5V SMB600W481 - 立即发货查看详情
PTM Published on: 2012-10-16