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TT Electronics / Optek Technology

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5 minutes
OP207CL Low-Profile Infrared Emitter
This presentation will introduce TT Electronics' OP207CL low-profile, infrared emitter from the Optek Technology brand.
10 minutes
OPB350 Medical Applications
Detects various states of bodily or medical fluids in a tube as long as the tube is transmissive to the wave length of the LED. Is low power and long lasting.
15 minutes
Slotted Switches
A non-contact method to consistently detecting an object's presence, slotted switches suffer minimal wear and tear and have a lifetime of more than 10 years.
15 minutes
Introduction to Optoisolators
Uses optical connection to transmit a signal and is used for a range applications including: medical, military, and transportation. Also called an optocoupler.
15 minutes
OCB100-KIT Auto-Calibration Design Kit
Includes an automatic calibration circuit board with digital and analog outputs, a non-focused reflective switch, a wide gap slotted switch, and a fluid sensor.

关于 TT Electronics / Optek Technology

TT Electronics 的 Optek 品牌为感应和照明应用设计、制造创新型光电解决方案。我们还能设计制造用于标牌、娱乐、外部和室内照明应用以及汽车和高可靠性应用的标准和专用照明组件。

TT Electronics 是工程电子领域的一家面向性能关键型应用的全球供应商。TT 在全球 29 个主要地区拥有近 5,000 名员工,设计制造各种各样用于检测、电源管理和连接的电子器件,这些产品涵盖工业、医疗、航空航天、国防和运输等众多领域。