- Qoitech 是 Sony Group 旗下公司,致力于改变物联网公司优化其电池驱动产品的电流消耗方式。Qoitech 设计和制造 Otii 解决方案,该解决方案包括一个小巧便携的测量单元 Otii Arc 以及一个用于 Ubuntu、Windows 和 MacOS 的易用型综合桌面应用,以帮助整个行业的开发人员进行产品优化,从而实现更长的电池寿命。

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Otii 电池工具箱

Qoitech 的 Otii 电池工具箱使用户可以根据应用、用途和电池寿命要求为其设计选择最佳的电池。 了解详情

用于实现物联网能耗优化的 Otii 开发工具

Otii 是 Qoitech 设计的一种开发工具,简化了能源消耗的测量,实现物联网设备和应用的能量优化。 了解详情

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Qoitech and Melexis New Product Discoveries Episode 28

Today’s New Product Discoveries episode revolves around the IoT (Internet of Things) with products from Qoitech and Melexis.

Otii Features

Learn more about Otii's SW and HW features and increase battery life of your smart devices and apps.

Concurrent system and subsystem power measurements with Otii

There are cases when you need to do two concurrent power consumption measurements to get a good understanding of what is going on in your system. In this video we will show you how to use the ADC pins in the expansion port to do this.

Otii Unboxing

Watch Qoitech's unboxing video and a quick start tutorial. Otii solution is easy to install and use. Measure away!