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Continous LED Technology Improvements
Turning LED Improvements into User Benefits
Luminous Efficacy Radiation in LED System Calculations
Lumileds: Life in Color

近期 PTM

5 minutes
LUXEON C Line of Color and White LEDs
Benefits include cooler color temperatures, color mixing without halos, a compact package size, and hot testing.
5 minutes
LUXEON 5258 and CoB Compact
An overview of the LUXEON 5258 and LUXEON CoB Compact products.
5 minutes
LUXEON M and MZ Emitters
Introduction to Lumileds LUXEON M and LUXEON MZ high efficiency multi-die emitters.
5 minutes
LUXEON TX has the industry's lowest typical Vf at 2.83V as well as the industry's lowest maximum Vf at 3.0V.
5 minutes
LUXEON Micro-Package UV LED
About 1/5th the size of the other ultraviolet LEDs, LUXEON UV is one of the industry's smallest, high powered UV emitters.
5 minutes
Luxeon Z Illumination Portfolio
The no dome design offers significantly better color over angle from lesser deviation of light rays in undomed architecture.

关于 Lumileds

开发汽车、手机、物联网和照明照明应用的公司都需要一个能够与他们合作突破光线边界的合作伙伴。Lumileds 拥有 100 多年的发明创造史和多项行业第一,是全球性的照明解决方案公司,能够帮助世界各地的客户提供差异化的解决方案,让客户获得并保持竞争优势。作为氙气技术的发明人、卤素照明的先驱者和高性能 LED 领导厂商,Lumileds 在其技术、产品以及与每一次客户的合作中都展现出其应有的创新、品质和可靠性。Lumileds 与客户紧密协作,通过光线使得世界变得更安全、更美好、更美丽。