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CW Industries

近期 PTM

15 minutes
Insulation Displacement Connectors
The mass terminated IDCs are specifically designed to provide a reliable long term, gas-tight connection at every position.
10 minutes
CW 2000 and 4000 Series Rocker Switches
Extend switch life and maintain a cleaner contact with the Rocker Switch. Available as full for heave duty switching and miniature for high current switching.
15 minutes
Ingress Protection (IP) Rated Sealed Switches
Detailed explanation of IP ratings along with CW's complete series of cost-effective, environmentally sealed switches for use in outdoor or harsh applications.

关于 CW Industries

CW Industries 为领先的工业、消费和国防电子设备制造商提供复杂的机电滑动、摇臂和按钮开关、绝缘穿刺和军规连接器以及需要高精度、性能和可靠性水平的各种定制组件。

我们的历史可追溯到电子行业发展早期。公司前身 Wirt Company 成立于 1904,由爱迪生的助手查尔斯沃尔特创建。CW Industries 在电子行业的多个领域已开发出了多个专利产品和工艺。这些产品包括滑动、摇臂和按钮开关、绝缘穿刺连接器,以及各种定制产品。