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近期 PTM

7 minutes
USB 3-1 Type A and USB 3-1 Type C
USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ cable connectors can be used in combination with any other USB cable type connector depending on the application
5 minutes
Board-Level Transistor Heat Sink Overview
Review of heat-sink function, a guide to heat-sink selection and thermal resistance, and accessories to optimize the efficiency of a thermal management project.
10 minutes
Power Cords and Cord Sets
ASSMANN WSW's full line of power cords and cord sets are constructed with premium thermoplastic outer jackets and connectors.
20 minutes
Waterproof Connectors
Detailing ASSMANN's D-Sub, circular, RJ45, and USB waterproof connectors.

关于 ASSMANN WSW Components

ASSMANN WSW Components 是连接器、单一解决方案和客户设计电缆组件的制造、采购和营销领域的优质合作伙伴。

公司发展始于 1969
如今,创立于 1969 年的 ASSMANN WSW Components 已发展壮大为机电元件、热管理产品和计算机网络配件方面的全球运营专家。

ASSMANN WSW Components 是面向电子行业和专业贸易领域提供物流服务的最重要企业之一。ASSMANN 专注于自身竞争能力的发展及制造能力。这包括公司的全球采购和交易网络,是公司进行高质量物流管理的根本。

我们的所有产品都满足 ASSMANN 质量测试要求。ASSMANN WSW Components 通过了 DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 认证。2003 年,ASSMANN WSW Components 根据 DIN EN ISO 14001 标准开始实施环境管理体系。我们仅与有资质的承包商合作。