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Amphenol RF 是 RF 互连系统设计、制造、供应领域的全球领导者。能为各种不同的市场提供性能出色的连接器产品,我们感到很自豪。

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Amphenol Commercial Products 提供坚固耐用的适合任何环境的连接器。这些连接器具有适合在高温下工作的各种性能范围,达到 IP 级防护和 IEC 规范要求,符合 RoHS 规范。

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Amphenol 传感器品牌

Amphenol 的传感器产品组合为最先进的传感应用提供了广泛多样的标准和定制传感器解决方案选择



Insertion and Removal Tools Overview
Keyed SMA RF Cable Assemblies
Pre-Tinned RF PCB Connectors
SuperFlex Ø.047" RF Cable Assemblies

近期 PTM

5 minutes
EMI Noise-Immune Temperature Sensing
This presentation will demonstrate how Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistors can be protected from Electro-Magnetic Interference over a wide frequency range in automotive applications. It will review some common problems with EMI related nuisance heating effects and introduce the integrated RF bypass principle.
10 minutes
Indoor Air Quality Sensors
Amphenol's indoor air quality sensors monitor indoor environmental conditions to help maintain proper indoor air quality.
10 minutes
Harsh Environment CO2 Sensors
Amphenol Advanced Sensors offers IP65- and IP67-rated enclosures in both single-channel and dual-channel options to allow monitoring of CO2 in harsh environment applications.
5 minutes
Introduction to Dust Sensors
Amphenol Advanced Sensors offers a complete line of dust sensors and other air quality sensors that are available in multiple outputs and packages.
5 minutes
FL Series Temperature Sensor
Amphenol's FL series temperature sensor contains an NTC chip thermistor enclosed in a flat flexible circuit with a thin-film protective coating, ideal for tight applications.
5 minutes
Indoor Growing and Agricultural Sensors
This presentation will discuss the importance of monitoring and maintaining proper environmental conditions in greenhouses and indoor growing facilities, the environmental conditions required to be monitored, and the associated Amphenol Advanced Sensors product options to help monitor and maintain these conditions.

关于 Amphenol

Amphenol 是全球最大的互连产品制造商之一。该公司设计、制造和销售电气、电子和光纤连接器、同轴和扁平带状电缆以及互连系统。Amphenol 作为行业领导者,实现了在众多高增长市场中的多元化存在,具体包括军事和商用航空航天、汽车、宽带通信、工业、信息技术和数据通信设备、移动设备和无线基础设施。