ERU Surface Mount, High-Current Power Inductors

ERU Surface Mount High-Current Power Inductors


This presentation will explain the ERU physical characteristics and features and provide some suggested applications.

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Part List

FIXED IND 1.1UH 20A 1.72 MOHMB82559A0112A013FIXED IND 1.1UH 20A 1.72 MOHM剪切带(CT)628 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 1.4UH 22A 1.5 MOHM SMDB82559A0142A013FIXED IND 1.4UH 22A 1.5 MOHM SMD剪切带(CT)10595 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 2.15UH 15A 3.2 MOHMB82559A0222A013FIXED IND 2.15UH 15A 3.2 MOHM剪切带(CT)1045 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 2.4UH 16.5A 2.76 MOHMB82559A0242A013FIXED IND 2.4UH 16.5A 2.76 MOHM剪切带(CT)16 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 3UH 13A 4 MOHM SMDB82559A0302A013FIXED IND 3UH 13A 4 MOHM SMD剪切带(CT)2007 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 3.9UH 12A 4.8 MOHM SMDB82559A0392A013FIXED IND 3.9UH 12A 4.8 MOHM SMD剪切带(CT)1817 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 500NH 30A 0.78 MOHMB82559A0501A013FIXED IND 500NH 30A 0.78 MOHM剪切带(CT)2 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 950NH 25A 1.12 MOHMB82559A0951A013FIXED IND 950NH 25A 1.12 MOHM剪切带(CT)1848 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 1.25UH 50A 0.4 MOHMB82559A2122A025FIXED IND 1.25UH 50A 0.4 MOHM散装1067 - 立即发货查看详情
INDUCTOR POWER 2.3UH 41A SMDB82559A3232A025INDUCTOR POWER 2.3UH 41A SMD托盘219 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 2.9UH 33A 1 MOHM SMDB82559A3292A025FIXED IND 2.9UH 33A 1 MOHM SMD托盘229 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 4.35UH 30A 1.3 MOHMB82559A4432A025FIXED IND 4.35UH 30A 1.3 MOHM散装1720 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 6.1UH 28A 1.6 MOHM SMDB82559A5612A025FIXED IND 6.1UH 28A 1.6 MOHM SMD托盘178 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 7.9UH 26A 2 MOHM SMDB82559A6792A025FIXED IND 7.9UH 26A 2 MOHM SMD散装198 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 10UH 24A 2.2 MOHM SMDB82559A7103A025FIXED IND 10UH 24A 2.2 MOHM SMD散装3107 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 440NH 71A 0.2 MOHM SMDB82559A1042A025FIXED IND 440NH 71A 0.2 MOHM SMD散装79 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 15UH 4.95 MOHM SMDB82559A9153A020FIXED IND 15UH 4.95 MOHM SMD剪切带(CT)113 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 1UH 0.65 MOHM SMDB82559A2102A020FIXED IND 1UH 0.65 MOHM SMD剪切带(CT)0查看详情
FIXED IND 4.7UH 2.7 MOHM SMDB82559A5472A019FIXED IND 4.7UH 2.7 MOHM SMD剪切带(CT)138 - 立即发货查看详情
FIXED IND 1UH 1.2 MOHM SMDB82559A2102A019FIXED IND 1UH 1.2 MOHM SMD剪切带(CT)268 - 立即发货查看详情
PTM Published on: 2017-06-19