New Product Discoveries - TE Connectivity's Transducers and SICK's Proximity Sensors

Digi-Key Electronics is historically known for board-level components (parts soldered directly to a printed circuit board). As our industry has matured there has been an increase in products of a “finished” nature – meaning they are ready to be used out of the box. Continuing our goal of providing you with the newest, most cutting-edge technology; I will present sensors with an Industrial Automation focus that are much more plug-and-play friendly.

TE Connectivity knows how much of a pain it can be having a sensor wired correctly but having to mount it in such a way that makes the display impossible to read. This can lead to a delay in measurement readings and a slowdown of your overall process. Envisioned as a way to improve efficiency, the M5800 series of pressure transducers offers an on-demand rotatable display. Options include current or voltage output with a wide offering of pressure ranges (up to 15K psi). Additionally, they are weatherproof (IP67 rating), with a blue LED display, and an easy-to-use zero setting.

The second product I have today is a proximity sensor from SICK. SICK is a German manufacturer of machine-based sensors and Industrial Automation products. The UM30 series of ultrasonic proximity sensors have a range of up to 26 feet. This sensor uses an 80 kHz signal for proximity sensing and can be utilized in clusters without interference (no crosstalk). Again, this is a product that is ready to go out of the box and is stocked at

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