A DIY Raspberry Pi Project for Pure-Blood Wizards!

If you love the magical world of Harry Potter (who doesn’t?) then you are going to love this moving portrait project! Best of all, you really don’t have to be a wizard at all to complete it. All the wizardry you need is magically hidden within your Raspberry Pi.

The following is an instructable intended for pure-blood wizards only. If you are not a pure-blood, Slytherin specifically, you have been warned of the inevitable failure and defeat you will encounter as a squib, muggle, Hufflepuff, or mudblood.

Apparently, as powerful as they are, even wizards need to solder!

Soldering must be done here. Feel free to use the Incendio charm in order to expedite the heating process for the soldering iron.

To find out more about this magical raspberry pi project, head over to Instructables by clicking right here


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