鉴于不断增长的效率、更小基底面和更低成本需求,Digi-Key 的电源解决方案 TechZone 旨在为工程师们提供各种有用、可靠的替代选择,以帮助他们实现所有的电源要求。

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Microchip Technology's MCP1633 design is based on the MCP1632 PWM Controller but includes specific blocks for PWM LED dimming.
ON Semiconductor's connected lighting platform is a modular development kit for prototyping cost-effective, industrial LED lighting solutions.
IXYS' IX4310T is a 5-pin SOT23 package with output capable of sourcing and sinking 2 A peak current with a wide range supply voltage of 5 V to 24 V.
Maxim’s iButton and 1-Wire solutions make securing information on your embedded systems easy to safeguard from cloning and unauthorized use.

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RECOM Power offers low to medium power AC/DC and DC/DC medical grade DC/DC and AC/DC converters to cover a broad range of applications.
Lower impedance/ESR at high frequencies, constant capacitance over a wide frequency range, and noise absorption allow MLCCs to save costs and perform better.
Overview to understand the differences between a discrete design, linear regulator and modular switching voltage regulator
An overview of RECOM's low to medium power medical grade AC/DC and DC/DC converters.

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Compact adapter solutions are integral to efficient power management. This video provides an overview of MPS's AC/DC flyback and SR products.
The TEA line consists of three unregulated 1 Watt DC/DC SIP converter series which are specifically designed to offer a low-cost solution while keeping a high-quality standard.
This board is designed for high power gaming notebook adapters, All-In-One PCs and OLED TV power supplies. The 300W LLC Adapter features a universal input range from 90 to 265 Volts RMS, with a fixed output voltage of 19V.
Infineon experts take a close look at ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching) phase shift topology by application of Infineon's CoolMOSTM and CoolMOSTM families widely used in high performance DC/DC converter stages, servers and telecom SMPS.
Image of Flex PMU8000 Series Point-of-Load (PoL) Converter
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