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E-Snap RF Connectors
EZ-RJ45 Connectors
V-Bite RF Connectors

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5 minutes
RF Adapter Kits
Commercial, Broadcast, High Power, and Antenna adapter kits are available. All contacts are gold plated and come with univeral adapters.
5 minutes
Shadow™ HBC Series High Definition 75ohm Connectors
Designed for high deffinition broadcast, HBC series performs with great return loss and works with most standard BNC tooling.
5 minutes
EZ-RJ45 series connectors are a one piece design that can be used with solid or stranded wire and are available in CAT 5, CAT 5E, and Cat 6 configurations.
5 minutes
V-Bite Connector
The low profile, locks to PCB for reflow, robustness, and other unique properties make this connector series great for mechanical and electrical attributes.
5 minutes
X-2 Series Dual BNC Connector
Allow for the installation of two BNC connectors in the PC board space of a single connector and body slots cause quick insertion of ganged multiple connectors.

关于 Winchester Electronics

Winchester Electronics 成立于 1941 年,是设计、开发和部署互连技术的全球领导者。Winchester 设计和制造各种 PCB、RF、电源和光纤连接器,以及增值型电缆和机电组件。并购 Kings® 射频连接器和 Bomar 连接器业务后,公司进一步扩充了其技术能力和市场份额。Winchester 的竞争优势在于其能够解决技术互连问题,在全球范围内部署这些解决方案以满足客户制造需求,以及提供真正的供应链管理技术,通过高混/低规模制造技术实现价值的能力。Winchester Electronics 是客户产品开发资源的价值延伸,能够快速提供高品质的互连解决方案。凭借公司多年的工程和制造专业技术积累,加上其在垂直一体化制造工厂中电缆装配和增值能力,Winchester Electronics 可以通过提供符合严格技术规格的工程解决方案和高品质的产品帮助您的公司永远走在行业的前沿。