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TE Connectivity Corcom Filters

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom RFI Filter

Corcom 概览

TE Connectivity 是 EMI/RFI 滤波解决方案的全球领导者,在开发针对电子器件的 Corcom RFI 滤波器技术方面已有 50 多年的经验。

Image of TE Connectivity's Medium Performance P Series

中等性能 P 系列

TE Connectivity 为其 Corcom P 系列电源接入模块新推中档滤波器版本。

Image of TE Connectivity's FB Series Power Line

FB 系列电源线路滤波器

TE Connectivity 的 FB 电源线路滤波器的环境温度为 50°C,具有强大的差模性能,并且尺寸紧凑。



TE Connectivity Corcom P Series Power Entry Module Filter - Fuse Replacement | Another Geek Moment
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近期 PTM

5 minutes
Corcom FB Series
TE's Corcom filter products ensure that customer applications comply with agency requirements for the emissions of Electromagnetic Interference.
5 minutes
BCF Series Power Line Filters
Compact size, light weight design, and low leakage current make the BCF series a good fit for applications requiring reduced size and minimal weight.
20 minutes
EMI/RFI Filters
Designed to eliminate EMI-RFI noise off power lines, EMI/RFI filters are best fit for applications such as telecom/datacom, medical, and commercial/industrial.
10 minutes
P Series Power Line Filter
Compact power entry modules with multiple installation/termination styles and are used in applications such as consumer electronics and medical equipment.
5 minutes
RK Series Power Line Filters
Compact, high performance, and low leaking current single stage, chassis mount power line filter whose application span across many industries.
5 minutes
SRB Power Line Series
Pairing small depths and a complete shield design with various capacitance values result in various levels of protection and minimizes conducted emissions.

关于 TE Connectivity Corcom Filters

前身为 Tyco Electronics Corcom 的 TE Connectivity Corcom 目前是全球 RFI 技术领域的领导者。公司通过遍布全球的制造点、仓库、测试设施、库存分销商和销售处形成的全球化网络制造、库存和分销产品。

在 Corcom,他们致力于电子设备领域的 RFI 滤波器技术开发已有 60 年的历史。使他们感到自豪的是,对最优产品设计、生产的专注使 Corcom 成为 RFI 技术领域的全球领导者。从 1955 以来,Corcom 便一直向领先的计算机、工业和电信公司提供解决方案。我们的产品包括:电源线路滤波器、电源接入模块、信号线路滤波器、设备滤波器、DC 滤波器和配件。