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TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH

Image of TRINAMIC's EtherCAT® Slave Controller

TMC8461/TMC8462 EtherCAT® 从控制器

TRINAMIC Motion Control 的 TMC8461 和 TMC8462 是首款 EtherCAT 从控制器,具有高电压 I/O 和集成式实时电机控制外设。

Image of TRINAMIC's BOB - Breakout Boards

BOB - 分线板

TRINAMIC Motion Control 的芯片开源 BOB 将数字信息转换为物理运动。


Trinamic TMC2590-BOB40 Breakout Board | Digi-Key Daily
Trinamic TMC2590 Breakout Board and Grove AI Hat from Seeed New Product Discoveries Episode 205
Trinamic TMC6200 High-Power Gate Drivers | Digi-Key Daily
Getting started with the TMCL Creator and the TMCM-3212 Module

近期 PTM

5 minutes
Low Voltage Driver for Battery-Powered and Portable Stepper Motor Control
TRINAMIC's TMC2300 low voltage stepper motor driver combines StealthChop2™ and StallGuard4™ to create a ground-breaking solution for portable devices.
5 minutes
TMC2209 Silent Stepper Motor Driver
This presentation will discuss why to choose the TMC2209, how to get started, features, and applications for the TMC2209 stepper motor driver.
10 minutes
TMC6200 High-Power Gate Driver for PMSM Servo or BLDC Motors
This presentation will introduce the high-power, 3-phase Gate Driver TMC6200 for PMSM servo or BLDC motors.
10 minutes
TMC5160 High-Power Stepper Motor Driver and Controller with StealthChop™
This presentation will introduce Trinamic’s TMC5160 Stepper Motor Driver and Controller using external MOSFETs for high-power drives.
15 minutes
TMC2130 Stepper Motor Driver with Stealthchop
TMC2130 stepper motors and minimum circuitry and dimensioning of their designs.
10 minutes
TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver
Introduction to Trinamic’s TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver

关于 TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH

TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH 向全球客户提供用于电机和运动控制的集成电路和模块,其客户大多是行业领导者。TRINAMIC 产品适用于尖端行业,如生物技术、实验室自动化、半导体处理设备、CCTV、工厂自动化,以及控制任何一种嵌入式运动控制系统。