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10 minutes
LED Drivers Overview
Quality, longevity, high efficiency, and cost-competitiveness in a variety of options for luminaire manufacturers to properly match the driver to the LED load.
5 minutes
Quartz Restrike Controls
ESP quartz restrike controls and ASP fluorescent restrike controls offer a simple way to automatically provide auxiliary light when an HID lamp is extinguished.
5 minutes
Specialty Lighting Transformers
TRP's specialty transformers are designed for lighting applications and allow the use of 277 V lighting fixtures on other input voltage systems.
5 minutes
BSP Series Surge Protector
The BSP3 surge protectors offer a cost-effective protection solution that will add an extra level of durability and reliability.

关于 Thomas Research Products

Hubbell Lighting Components 是 OEM 照明行业的灯具组件和服务供应商。公司位于美国伊利诺伊州埃尔金,由 Thomas Research Products 和 Norlux 公司的合并成立,拥有数十年成熟的行业解决方案。标准产品供应范围包括快速构建高性能灯具所需的所有关键组件。这包括 LED 驱动器、LED 引擎、浪涌抑制器、应急驱动器和控制器。通过他们的定制工程服务团队,他们为真正创新的照明和物联网产品开发先进的 LED 技术和控制解决方案。本地工程、制造和客户服务团队使得他们能够快速响应客户需求。HLC 服务于众多市场,包括建筑、航空航天、餐饮服务、园艺、工业和医疗应用。