- Steinel 是全球公认的高品质产品欧洲制造商,产品运用了最新的技术。 Steinel 拥有高度垂直的集成制造能力,并通过了 ISO 9001 认证,能在所有制造环节保持高质量控制水平。


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HG 350 Precision Hot Air Tool

The sleek, ergonomically optimized tool incorporates cutting edge STEINEL technology to meet the exacting sensitive applications. Visit Digikey.com to order now. 了解详情

SV750 UltraHEAT™ Heat Blower

Professional quality blower with high air output and impact resistant housing. Rugged yet lightweight construction with removable stand for hand held use. Visit Digikey.com to order now. 了解详情

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Electronic Heat Gun Series 发布日期:2011-09-07

Lightweight, quiet, and maintains consistent and accurate temperatures and is highly durable. Several models are available for a variety of applications.

Duration: 5 minutes

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