Spectra Symbol

- Spectra Symbol 推出高度为 0.5 mm 的薄膜传感器技术,实现了外形尺寸的突破,并彻底颠覆了 OEM 现有的全行程位置反馈使用方法。 这些价格实惠的全行程传感器的范围为 12.5 mm 至 1000 mm,且提供现货。 Spectra Symbol 的产品线包括 Flex Sensor、医疗级 SoftPot、高温窄款 ThinPot、高温 HotPot 和无接触 MagnetoPot 传感器。

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Flex Sensor

Spectra Symbol and Digi-Key introduce 4.5 inch flexible sensor is ultra-thin and operates with variable outputs. 了解详情

HotPot Potentiometers

Spectra Symbol's HotPot is able to track movement in high heat or high humidity environment and provides a thin and sealed form factor for various applications. 了解详情

MagnetoPot Potentiometers

Spectra Symbol offers their sealed potentiometers controlled by an outside magnet. 了解详情

SoftPot Potentiometers

Spectra Symbol offers their potentiometer that works with linear, elliptical or serpentine configurations. 了解详情

ThinPot Potentiometers

Spectra Symbol offers their low cost sealed potentiometer. 了解详情

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Membrane Sensing Technology 发布日期:2011-09-06

Ideal for many applications because of its thin form factor, east of use and mounting, many physical options available, and actuator wiper flexibility.

Duration: 5 minutes

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