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Qualtek Electronics Corp.

Image of Qualtek's USB Cable Selector

USB 电缆选型表

利用 Qualtek 的 USB 电缆,用户可以为支持 USB 的设备充电和供电,快速安全地进行数据同步和传输。

Image of Qualtek's Fan Finger Guards, Filters, and Sleeves


Qualtek 的风扇安全罩、过滤网和衬套的尺寸为 25 - 254 mm²。

Image of Qualtek's Visual Product Guide


Qualtek 的 FAN-S 部门、初级电源元件部门及其电线管理、电缆组件和互连器件部门的直观产品指南。


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近期 PTM

10 minutes
Switch Mode Power Supplies
Qualtek's switch mode power supplies' (SMPS) functions, features, and available products.
5 minutes
Power Cords
Reviewing the four main criteria for choosing power cords which are electrical, mechanical, environmental, and agency certification.
20 minutes
AC and DC Axial Fans
Reviewing the main considerations when selecting an axial fan including fan noise, air flow, static pressure, type of bearing, and life expectancy.
15 minutes
EMI Overview
This module will give a briefing on the function of EMI filters and define what EMI is and its effects.
10 minutes
USB 3 Overview
History of USB and the industry's transition to USB 3.0 due to it's high transfer speed, increased power to devices, and decrease power consumption.

关于 Qualtek Electronics Corp.

Qualtek Electronics 提供品种丰富的风扇配件、AC 插座、国际版和国内版电源线和电源线套件以及电力线路 EMI 滤波器。风扇配件产品线包括广泛的钢风扇丝罩、塑料风扇罩、塑料风扇过滤网组件、铝风扇过滤网和风扇电源线。初级电源组件产品线包括入口器件、插座、多功能组件和电力线滤波器。国内和国际版电源线均提供广泛的插头、连接器、线缆和颜色选择。全系列产品均有现货,确保交付快速准时。请在 Facebook 加 Qualtek,或在 twitter 上通过 @qualtekelectron 关注我们。