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Image of NorComp's M Series

M 系列 D-Sub 连接器

NorComp 的 M 系列 D-Sub 连接器专为坚固耐用型应用而设计,包括医疗、工业和航空航天应用。

Image of NorComp's IP67 Seal D

IP67 SEAL-D® D-Sub 连接器

IP67 SEAL-D 连接器采用专属密封设计,旨在用于需要进行重度喷洒或短期浸入防护的应用。

Image of NorComp's Micro D


NorComp 的 MICRO-D 连接器专为要求节省空间,但需要坚固屏蔽结构的 I/O 连接器系统的商业应用而设计。



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近期 PTM

5 minutes
VULCON™ Circular Connectors
NorComp's VULCON™ connectors offer a waterproof cable-to-panel interface for demanding end use applications.
10 minutes
M-Series Circular Connectors
All M-Series cable mount connectors are available as pre-made cable assemblies in a variety of cable constructions and mold designs.
5 minutes
MICRO-D Connector
The MICRO-D micro miniature d-sub connectors are available in three industry standard sizes and feature a variety of termination types.
10 minutes
Backshell Selection Guide
Guide to selecting the proper backshell for an application including material selection, cable exit/entry angle, hardware, and strain relief.
20 minutes
D-Sub Connectors
Norcomp's D-Sub connector offering along with the information needed in selecting the right D-Sub connector for an application.
5 minutes
SEAL-D™ IP67 Connectors
SEAL-D offers the advantage of maintaining the same connector profile and footprint as standard D-sub connectors allowing for space savings in new designs.

关于 NorComp

NorComp 位于美国北卡罗莱纳州的 Charlotte,是 I/O 互连器件产品设计、全球制造和营销领域的领导者,其产品类型丰富多样,如圆形连接器、D-Sub 连接器、D-Sub 底壳和外罩、USB 2.0 / 3.0 连接器、POWER-D / Combo-D 混合连接器、D-Sub 五金及配件、2 MM 针座、插座、插头、适配器、公母转换器等。NorComp 向军用、工业、医疗和计算机市场提供范围广泛的高级机加工、坚固耐用、高可靠性连接器。NorComp 拥有多个主打品牌,如 SEAL-D(IP67 防水、IP66 防水 D-sub、POWER-D 混合连接器)、M 系列(坚固耐用的高可靠性机加工连接器)、MICRO-D(超小型 D-Sub 连接器)和 ARMOR(加固型压铸件金属底壳系统),能让您的绝大多数设计应用难题迎刃而解。