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NKK Switches

Image of NKK's KP02 Pushbutton


NKK 提供全系列开关解决方案,从高质量开关到定制设计的产品和增值解决方案,可满足最苛刻的应用需求。

Image of NKK's SmartSwitch


通过将机电开关的功能与图形可编程显示器结合在一起,SmartDisplay™ 提供了一种节省空间的动态多功能解决方案。

Image of NKK's Touch Screen Products


NKK 的电阻式触摸屏系列因其可靠性而在关键任务可靠性至关重要的医疗和工业市场中享有盛誉。


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近期 PTM

5 minutes
Dual Seal Waterproof S Series Toggle
This presentation will provide an introduction to the S Series toggle switch from NKK Switches.
5 minutes
FT Series Touch Screens Resistive vs Capacitive
Overview of NKK's FT series touch screens, focusing on the differences between resistive and capacitive.
5 minutes
Importance of 3D CAD Models
With thousands of 3D CAD models available, learn how they can help the selection and purchase decision.
5 minutes
Standard Switches with Wire Leads
This presentation will cover the different series that are available from NKK Switches and the features and benefits offered.
5 minutes
SmartSwitch® Engineering Development Kit
This presentation will introduce the SmartSwitch® Development Kits from NKK Switches.
5 minutes
NR01 Series Subminiature Process Sealed Rotaries
An introduction to the NR01 series subminiature process sealed rotaries, along with physical and electrical options available and a review of typical applications.

关于 NKK Switches

在 65 年的历史中,NKK Switches 设计和制造业内选择最广泛的机电开关,是开关解决方案领域的品质、稳定性和可靠性标杆。