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DW07 Overview
DX07 Overview
DX07 Series (Waterproof USB Type-C™ Receptacle) Overview
HB01 Series Overview

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5 minutes
DX07 Series of USB Type-C Connector
USB-Type-C™ interconnects providing USB 3.1 transmission speeds and power delivery. Offering a wide variety of plug and receptacle options.
5 minutes
Waterproof USB Type-C™ Connectors
Waterproof USB Type-C™ interconnects support USB 3.1 and feature different internal sealing methods to achieve a reliable IPX7 or higher ingress protection rating.
5 minutes
High Speed FFC Harness the JF08 Series
This presentation will provide features, benefits and specifications of JAE's high speed FCC harness
5 minutes
USB Type-C Harness the DX07 Series
The next-generation USB Type-CTM interface is ideal for connecting current and future consumer and industrial devices.
10 minutes
Automotive Board-to-Cable Connector MX34 Series
This presentation will introduce JAE’s MX34 Series, the Automotive Board-to-Cable Connectors.
5 minutes
Waterproof Cable-to-Cable Connector the HB01 Series
The HB01 series connector has a hybrid structure that enables both power and signal.

关于 JAE Electronics

JAE Electronics 位列全球互连器件供应商前十强,是公认的细间距板对板、板对电缆(包括 LVDS 产品)、FPC(板对柔性元件)、存储卡、输入/输出、圆形、汽车/运输和防水级连接器的技术领导者。