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Integrated Device Technology (IDT)

Image of IDT's Demonstration Kits


采用 IDT 的 SDAWIR01 和 SDAWIR02 演示套件,链接的设备可实时显示传感器测得数据并将其图形化,从而与 Wi-Fi 集线器连接。

Image of IDT's ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality

ZMOD4410 室内空气质量传感器

IDT ZMOD4410 气体传感器模块设计用于检测总挥发性有机化合物 (TVOC) 和监测室内空气质量 (IAQ)。

Image of IDT's PCI Express®

PCI Express® 定时解决方案

IDT 的 PCIe 时钟发生器、零延迟和扇出缓冲器以及扇出多路复用器支持 PCIe 1 至 4 代数据速率,以及如 25 G EDR 这样的衍生标准速率。



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近期 PTM

5 minutes
RF Synthesizer Overview
The IDT first generation of RF Synthesizers are pin and software compatible with other similar solutions from other manufacturers.
5 minutes
Master Clocking with IDTs VersaClock
This product training module briefly presents the VersaClock 6 and 3S devices from IDT and how to efficiently design them.
5 minutes
Standard I-O Termination Examples Part 1
This presentation will discuss when and how to properly terminate LVCMOS timing signals.
5 minutes
Timing Solutions for Intel Servers
The low-power HCSL versions of the Romley/Grantley Yellow Cover devices which IDT is developing for the server timing market.
5 minutes
Timing Solutions for PCI-Express
IDT has a solution for all of the major building blocks of PCI-Express. The new family of Low-Power HCSL outputs offer industry-leading power consumption.
10 minutes
Clock Distribution and Generation 1.0
IDT's timing portfolio for clock distribution and clock generation is diverse, encompassing a wide range of products for various end applications.

关于 Integrated Device Technology (IDT)

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. 开发可以优化客户应用的系统级解决方案。IDT 拥有领先的定时、无线功率传输、串行开关和接口产品,为通信、计算、消费电子、汽车和工业部门提供广泛的全混合信号解决方案阵列。

IDT 总部设在美国加利福尼亚州圣何塞市,设计、制造、销售部门和经销合作伙伴遍布全球。IDT 股票在 NASDAQ 全球精选股票市场® 交易,代码为 "IDTI"。