- Henkel’s BERGQUIST® brand thermal management materials include a broad range of solutions for reliability-enhancing heat dissipation within modern electronic devices. The company’s BERGQUIST GAP PAD® gap filling thermal interface materials (TIMs) are soft, compliant, pre-cut pads that reduce assembly stress while providing excellent thermal conductivity. Liquid BERGQUIST Gap Filler TIMs, which can be automatically dispensed, are ideal for applications where complex dimensions are the norm and/or high throughput is required. The expansive thermal solutions portfolio also includes SIL PAD® thermally conductive insulators, BOND PLY® thermal adhesives, HI FLOW® phase change materials and TCLAD® Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS®).


Liquid Gap Fillers

Image of Bergquists Liquid Gap Fillers

Henkel / Bergquist’s GAP FILLER materials are two-component, thermally conductive, form-in-place elastomers that provide virtually zero stress on components. Learn More

Thermal Gap Pads

Image of Henkel/Bergquist's Thermal Gap Pads

Henkel / Bergquist’s extensive GAP PAD family provides an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices, improving an assembly’s thermal performance and reliability. Learn More

Thermal Sil-Pads

Image of Bergquists Thermal Sil-Pads

Henkel / Bergquist’s line of SIL-PAD materials offer excellent thermal performance, are more durable than mica, create less mess than grease and are highly cost efficient. Learn More

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Gap Pad® TGP 6000ULM

Bergquist 基于 GapPad® TGP 6000ULM 有机硅的非导电 Gap Pad 具有高贴合性,可在各种表面形貌上提供出色的覆盖率。 了解详情

Gap Pad® TGP 7000ULM

Bergquist’s Gap Pad® TGP 7000ULM 软间隙填充材料的额定导热率为 7.0 W/mK,适用于要求低组装应力的高性能应用。 了解详情

Gap Pad HC 5.0

Bergquist 的 Gap Pad HC 5.0 是一种软质、相容性填隙材料,其导热率为 5.0 W/M-K,具有出色的热性能和非常小的抗压应力。 了解详情

Sil-Pad® 900S

Sil-Pad® 900S 绝缘材料的热阻为 0.61°C-in2/W (@50 psi),适用于包括电源在内的多种应用。 了解详情

Q-Pad® 3

可替换油脂的 Q-Pad® 3 玻璃增强型热界面可在焊接和清洗前安装。 了解详情

Gap Pad® 1500

Gap Pad® 1500 非强化填补材料具有 1.5 W/M-K 的导热率和顺应性、低硬度特性。 了解详情

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Gap Pad VO offers a thermally conductive, electrically isolating material with a wide array of secondary benefits.

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Thermal Interface materials (TIM) Gap Pad Key Product Characteristics 发布日期:2013-11-04

Thermal interface materials (TIM) Gap Pad characteristics including thermal, electrical, and mechanical.

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Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) Gap Pad 发布日期:2013-07-24

An electrically isolating material which provides protection between heat sinks and high voltage devices.

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Liquid Dispensed TIM

This animation demonstrates how to combine your Thermal Clad® IMS with Bergquist Liquid Dispensed TIM for an optimal thermal solution.