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ATP Electronics, Inc.


ATP Company Profile 2015
ATP aMLC(advancedMLC) Technology at EW 2015

近期 PTM

16 minutes
IoT and ATP Solutions
Define the Internet of Things and review how ATP’s small form factor, Flash based memory solutions, and DRAM modules are an ideal choice for systems and designs for IoT applications.
20 minutes
Design Guidelines for the Selection and use of Flash Cards
Outline and define selection criteria of various NAND card form factors and provide insight based on different NAND archictures.
5 minutes
DRAM Modules Quality Test and Advantages
Test procedures allow ATP to offer high quality, cost effective DRAM DIMM solutions
5 minutes
Aerospace Solutions
Outline of the features and advantages ATP’s DRAM and Flash memory solutions offer.
5 minutes
Core Advantages for Industrial Memory
Explaining ATP’s strengths in design and quality.
5 minutes
aMLC NAND Based Storage Solutions
Explore how to use PowerProtector and AutoRefresh features of aMLC NAND based storage solutions for industrial systems.

关于 ATP Electronics, Inc.

ATP 致力于利用其创新的 IC 封装、模块/闪存介质产品设计技术提供先进的大容量增值型存储器产品和解决方案,并通过其全球销售、营销渠道向客户群提供最佳服务。