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Amphenol Advanced Sensors

Image of Amphenol Advanced Sensors CL Series NTC Inrush Current Limiters

CL 系列 NTC 浪涌电流限制器

Amphenol 的 CL 系列 NTC 浪涌电流限制器可减少开关电源、荧光灯、逆变器和电动机中的大浪涌电流。

Image of Amphenol Sensor Brands

Amphenol Sensor 品牌

Amphenol 的传感器产品组合为最先进的传感应用提供了广泛多样的标准和定制传感器解决方案。

Image of Amphenol's Telaire T9602 Sensors

Telaire T9602 系列湿度和温度传感器

Amphenol Advanced Sensors 推出用于 OEM 安装的 T9602 系列湿度和温度传感器。



Telaire AAS-LDS-UNO PM2.5 Evaluation Board
Advance IR TSCAN-750 - Company Mode Setup
Advance IR TSCAN-750 - Mounting Instructions
Advance IR TSCAN-750 - Quick Screening Mode Setup

近期 PTM

5 minutes
FL Series Temperature Sensor
Amphenol's FL series temperature sensor contains an NTC chip thermistor enclosed in a flat flexible circuit with a thin-film protective coating, ideal for tight applications.
5 minutes
Indoor Growing and Agricultural Sensors
This presentation will discuss the importance of monitoring and maintaining proper environmental conditions in greenhouses and indoor growing facilities, the environmental conditions required to be monitored, and the associated Amphenol Advanced Sensors product options to help monitor and maintain these conditions.
5 minutes
Single vs. Dual Channel NDIR Sensing Technology in CO2 Gas Concentration Measurement
Amphenol Telaire provides a wide range of single channel and dual channel non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor solutions.
5 minutes
FMA Series Air Filter Monitor Sensor
This presentation will provide an overview of Amphenol Advanced Sensors' air filter monitor products.
5 minutes
Glass Encapsulated Diode
This tutorial will provide an overview of Amphenol Thermometrics' Glass Encapsulated NTC thermistor assemblies including the features and benefits of this product.
5 minutes
Thermometrics Inline Flow-Through Temperature Sensors
Inline flow-through temperature sensors are NTC based sensors designed to monitor the temperature of a fluid passing through it

关于 Amphenol Advanced Sensors

Amphenol Advanced Sensors 融合了行业领导者在先进检测和计量解决方案方面的设计和制造技术创新能力和经验,成就了一家世界级的企业——Amphenol Advanced Sensors。

这家规模达数百万美元级的企业,业务遍及全球,提供广泛的产品和服务,帮助客户应对挑战,提升生产效率。Amphenol Advanced Sensors 是一家跨国公司,提供传感元件、设备、仪器和系统,能够让我们的客户监视、保护、控制和验证其关键工艺和应用。这是一家拥有核心技术的仪器企业,专注于高增长行业。