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- Artesyn Embedded Technologies 是全球领先的高可靠性电源转换和嵌入式计算解决方案设计和制造商,其产品广泛应用于通信、计算、医疗、军事、航空和工业自动化等行业。40 多年来,Artesyn 一如既往地提供先进的高性价比网络计算和电源转换解决方案,帮助客户加快产品上市速度并降低风险,深得客户信赖。Artesyn 的 Astec 品牌蜚声业内,其广泛的 AC-DC 和 DC-DC 标准产品组合提供丰富的外形尺寸选择,许多产品型号获得了医疗认证,实现了智能化。

Configurable Power Supply

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies, a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity, and efficiency of critical infrastructure, offers a broad range of standard and configurable power supply solutions. Learn More

LGA80D 系列转换器

Artesyn 的 LGA80D 系列转换器的图片

Artesyn Embedded Technologies 已将 LGA80D DC-DC 模块添加到其直流产品系列中,该系列具有业内最高的电流密度等级。了解详情

工业 DC-DC 转换器

Artesyn Embedded Technologies 的 工业 DC-DC 转换器图片

Artesyn Embedded Technologies 提供的工业 DC-DC 转换器包括 ATA、AEE、AXA 和 ASA 系列。了解详情


Artesyn 的 AEE 10W 医用 DC-DC 转换器

AEE 10W 医用 DC-DC 转换器

Artesyn 的 AEE10W-M 系列 10 W 隔离式 DC-DC 转换器专为要求苛刻的仪表应用而设计,此类应用要求提供辅助或增强隔离能力,以满足严格的工业或医疗安全标准。了解详情

Artesyn Embedded Technologies 的 LCC600 系列 AC-DC 电源图片

LCC600 系列 AC-DC 电源

Artesyn 的 LCC600 系列电源支持有源电流共享,最多可以并联五个单元,以用于大电流应用。了解详情

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ATA Series 10 W DC/DC Converters

Artesyn’s ATA series 10 W isolated DC/DC converters are suitable for a diverse range of low-power applications. 了解详情

LCM1500 AC/DC 转换器

Artesyn Embedded Technologies 的 LCM1500 单输出高功率电源专为工业和医疗系统而设计。 了解详情

LCM300 系列 AC/DC 电源

Artesyn 的 LCM300 系列封闭式前端 AC/DC 电源针对具体应用功能提供高级别的修改灵活性。 了解详情

LCM3000 系列 AC/DC 封闭式电源

Artesyn Embedded Technologies 的 LCM1500 单输出高功率电源专为工业和医疗系统而设计。 了解详情

LCM1000 AC/DC 电源

Artesyn Embedded Technologies 的 LCM1000 是针对工业和医疗单输出高功率要求的低成本解决方案。 了解详情

LCM600 Series AC/DC Power Supplies

Artesyn Embedded Technologies' LCM600 series 600 W, bulk front-end AC/DC power supplies are ideal for a variety of applications such as industrial and medical. 了解详情

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LGA80D Non-Isolated DC-DC Publish Date: 2016-12-20

The LGA80D offers the user an extremely high power conversion density when application space is at a premium

Duration: 5 minutes
LCM600 Series Power Supply Publish Date: 2012-05-30

This presentation will discuss the capabilities and specifications of the LCM600 series.

Duration: 5 minutes
LDS70 LED Driver and Power Supply Series Publish Date: 2011-06-01

Enables compact LED solutions up to 70W, supports system life requirements greater than 50,000 hours, and has no minimum load requirement. Used for in/outdoor lighing.

Duration: 5 minutes
DP40 Series External AC-DC Power Supply Publish Date: 2011-06-01

Overview of the electrical specifications and discuss important features of this series.

Duration: 5 minutes

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DS Short Series AC-DC Power Supplies part 1

The latest Artesyn DS series AC-DC power supplies in the short form factor are designed to provide a scalable input power conversion solution for computing, storage and networking equipment.

Digital DC-DC Product Portfolio

Artesyn has a growing range of digital DC-DC converters in standard brick outline and pin configurations. They offer two evaluation kits for the range of digital DC-DC modules, to cover the isolated and non-isolated units.

Digital DC-DC Product Training Module

An overview of digital DC-DC applications including a review of the market and the solutions that Artesyn can provide.

DS Short Series AC-DC Power Supplies part 2

All AC-input models in the range offer low total harmonic current distortion. All models offer overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature and fan fault protection. Most models offer standard or reverse airflow options.