Check out this terrifyingly fabulous DIY Furby Organ

Furbies were the “IT” item of the ’90s. Everyone I knew either had one or wanted one, including myself. I think I finally managed to get a semi-broken one at a rummage sale, but that’s another story altogether. Digital Trends spoke to Sam Battle, the maker of this synchronized Furby collection, and asked him all the important questions. Questions such as, “Where in the heck did you get all the Furbies?”

“I came up with the idea a good six or seven year ago,” Battle said. “I was modifying Furbies for a few years. I bought a ton of Furbies, but I didn’t have the technical know-how, so the plans laid dormant for a few years. I found myself mentioning to people about this Furby Organ, but whenever I mentioned it, I felt like a dreamer with an empty idea, which got on my nerves. So this New Year’s Eve, I made a resolution to finish this idea. After four weeks of soldering and swearing at inanimate toys, the world has a Furby Organ!”

You can watch the Furby Organ in action on Digital Trends by clicking this link.


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