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Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage

- Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage 提供种类齐全的使能技术解决方案,帮助 OEM、 ODM、CM 和无工厂芯片公司开发用于计算、网络、通信、数字消费、汽车及其它市场的先进集成产品。

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Image of Toshiba's Gen-4 Super-Junction MOSFET Series

第 4 代超级结 600 V、650 V 和 800 V DTMOS IV MOSFET 系列

Toshiba 开发出第 4 代超级结 600 V、650 V 和 800 V DTMOS IV MOSFET 系列。

Image of Toshiba's Low Power Discrete Semiconductors for the Internet of Things (IoT)

用于物联网 (IoT) 的低功耗分立式半导体器件

Toshiba 提供非常适合下一代小型项目的分立元件,强化了业界领先的性能和低功耗。

Image of Toshiba's TLP577x Optocouplers

TLP577x 光耦合器

Toshiba 的 TLP5771、TLP5772 和 TLP5774 光耦合器实现了较低的阈值输入电流驱动;轨至轨输出栅极驱动器光耦合器提高了整体系统效率。

Image of Toshiba Ultra High-Efficiency U-MOS IX-H MOSFETs


Toshiba 扩充了其超高能效、低电压系列 MOSFET 产品,为其现有产品线新增了 30 V、40 V 和 60 V 器件。

Image of Toshiba's TLP3406S Photorelay for Semiconductor Testers

用于半导体测试仪的 TLP3406S 光继电器

Toshiba 推出其 TLP3406S 光继电器,具有 1.5 A 的大电流控制和 110 °C 工作温度额定值。

Image of Toshiba's 45 V and 60 V Ultra-High Efficiency MOSFETs

45 V 和 60 V 超高能效 MOSFET

Toshiba 的 45 V 和 60 V N 沟道 MOSFET 在所有负载条件下实现高能效,并采用 DSOP Advance 双面冷却封装。


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Linear Voltage Regulators

Low Dropout Regulator (LDO)

Duration: 5 minutes

Low Dropout Regulators are commonly found and used in power management ICs for any demanding voltage regulation applications.

Dual supply


Duration: 5 minutes

TCR5AM series is suited for the application which needs high current and low dropout

Discrete Items

General Purpose Discrete Items

Duration: 10 minutes

Overview of the general purpose discrete items including diodes, MOSFETs, bipolar transistors, and transistors with built-in resistors.

TVS Diode

ESD Protection

Duration: 5 minutes

Featuring low dynamic resistance and lower clamp voltage versus other protection devices like varistors.

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Toshiba TVS Diode (EAP-IV)

Toshiba’s 4th generation ESD protection diode (EAP-IV), achieves top level low dynamic resistance and low clamping voltages. It protects devices from ESD circuit destruction and degradation over time.