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Micro Commercial Components (MCC)

- Micro Commercial Components Corp. (MCC) 创立于 1998 年,是消费类市场领域的高品质分立式半导体器件供应商。 MCC 的产品包括二极管、整流器、晶体管、MOSFET、稳压器和保护设备。

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Image of MCC's SLD Series TVS

SLD Series TVS

MCC's high power TVS offers 6000 W peak power dissipation with bidirectional and unidirectional types. It increased 20% power rating than 5 KP series by optimizing internal structure design.

Image of MCC's Mosfet expansion

功率和小信号 MOSFET 的扩充产品

MCC 扩充了其电源和小信号 MOSFET,这些产品主要针对表面贴装封装器件。

Image of MCC Low VF Schottky Rectifiers

低 VF 肖特基整流器

为满足电源现场应用不断增长的节能要求,MCC 扩充了其功率肖特基整流器阵容。

Image of MCC DFN Package

DFN 封装 ESD 器件

MCC 的 DFN 封装 ESD 器件采用先进的技术,在单一封装中实现了独特的保护性能,以及 0.2 pf 电容水平和多达八条保护线路。

Image of MCC's ESD Product in DFN Package

DFN 封装的 ESD 产品

MCC 的 ESD 产品提供了一到六线保护,具有 0.3 pF 超低电容,因而非常适合用于高速接口的保护。

Image of MCC's TBS Bridge Rectifiers

TBS 桥式整流器

MCC 的 TB 桥式整流器是一个替代传统通孔封装桥式整流器(如 KBP、GBP、GBL 和 D3K)的不错选择,可有效节省板空间。


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TVS Diode 5VWM 20VC SOT143

Ethernet Protection Products

Duration: 5 minutes

The major transient threats to Ethernet systems, applications for Ethernet protection devices, and an overview of MCC's Ethernet protection device offering.

Varistor 0402

Multilayer Polymer Electrostatic Discharge Suppressor for High Frequency Applications

Duration: 10 minutes

The multilayer polymer electrostatic discharge suppressor characteristics, applications and circuits, along with MCC's MLESD available products.

TVS Diode 3.3VWM 9.4VC SOD523

Transient Voltage Suppressors

Duration: 5 minutes

MCC's TVS diodes offer extensive range meeting industry requirements from 400 W to 30 KW, exhibit excellent clamping ration, and no inherent wear-out mechanism.

TVS Diode 3.3VWM 9.4VC SOD523

Diode Handling and Mounting

Duration: 5 minutes

ESD considerations for MCC diodes and the test and mounting precautions for them.

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